Home Spa and Body’s Adaptation. The More the Better?

The More The Faster The Better?Or Some Words About The Body’s Adaptation.”Change your mindand you will changeyour life”Today we will talk about the tendency in our busy world to make more activity and procedures in one spa day to get fast results. The more the faster the better?The word “SPA” can be translated from a Latin abbreviation for :S – salud, P- per, A-aqua, or “Health Through Water”.You are “Your Home Spa Owner” and so should be a bit professional in spa products and their use (methods, frequency, intensity etc) to obtain Health Through Water.Today ” You as a Home spa owner” have a “You as a client” at your Spa Home bath. Do ‘You-owner” wish “You-client” better health and well-being? Yes. Do “You-owner” want to have a long-term valued customer “You-client” at your Home Spa? Yes.How many procedures would you apply to “You-client” today? The more the better? How many baths per week would you recommend “You-client” at home: 1,2,3 and why?”Do I need to know this ?” you might ask. In our busy information age it could be a good advantage to have some basic knowledge about your body’s adaptation, stress definition and how your body responds to external loads to understand what you are doing, why and what results you can expect.Being able to know when to begin and stop any activity and make a smart decision is an useful skill.There are three main definitions in the body’s adaptation theory:Homeostasis – a tendency of the body to maintain its internal balance.
Stressor- any activity (physical, mental and emotional) applied to the body to change this balance (homeostasis).Adaptation- change or adjustment of the body’s functions to the needs required by activity.Running, walking, swimming, bathing, sunbathing, bicycling etc. are examples of physical stressors.Stressors load our body with activity (or external stimulation). Activity in sufficient quantity for your body’s condition will positively move the body away from its homeostasis. This activity leads to the body’s response and adjustment of the body’s functions to create positive health and well-being changes (so-called positive adaptation).When the activity level is suitable for your body this activity can be named positive. Such an activity improves your health and well-being through positive adaptation. When the activity level is more than you can adjust this activity can be named negative.The more is not always the better!There are two types of external influences – smart influence and hard influence.Smart influence (smart amount, smart dose, smart signal) triggers (stimulates, activates) mild positive beneficial body’s reactions without overstressing the body.Hard influence suppresses positive body’s responses and results in body’s defense and overstraining.Have a good and smart Home Spa bath!Oleg MoskvineTonus World Inc.http://www.tonusworld.comĀ© 2001-2004 Tonus World Inc., All Rights Reserved

Mind-Body-Spirit Connection: Talk to Your Knee!

Sitting at a restaurant people-watching and chatting with my husband this past Friday night, we touched on some pretty cool topics, but the one that excited me most had my arms animated, my eyes sparkling, and my voice elevated. As we discussed his job as an Advanced Placement Biology teacher at a prestigious high school on the North Shore of Chicago, I wondered aloud the prospect of teaching the future doctors, medical researchers and everyday citizens of our country beyond mitochondria, photosynthesis and traditional biology fare. What if all students were taught at an early age their true power to initiate and advance the healing of their own body? In short, as I practically yelled across the bar to my husband’s embarrassment, “What if we taught children to talk to their own knee!”Through my years on the spiritual path, time and time again I have been led by holistic healers past the drugs and allopathic remedies offered by the well-meaning medical profession and into the interior of my emotional landscape and beautifully designed body. It is my firm belief that it is not enough simply to listen to another’s (not even a medical professional’s) take on what has gone awry within our own body, for an outsider is not privy to our emotions, heart’s desires, subconscious treasures or deeply hidden wounds that absolutely and unequivocally affect all that manifests within our whole system.Once a symptom appears, we find ourselves at the tail end of what has been building energetically within our body for days, months and even years. We must not only begin to make all-important connections respecting the body/mind/spirit simpatico, but also to understand how to achieve greater intimacy with our own body and inner world if we are ever to move into preventive medicine and away from the “drugs as bandaids” cycle that leaves many individuals today feeling unempowered emotionally, physically and financially.The Soul-to-Soul Perspective asserts that inner work is imperative to overall well-being, including vibrant health. If a negative emotion (energy in motion) such as anger, guilt or resentment OR resistance to a soul calling to create change remains unexamined, it will eventually show itself somewhere in our body as dis-ease. Most people today still make no connection that what has shown up as illness within the body has anything to do with thoughts, feelings or subconscious beliefs so they go about healing themselves from the outside in versus the inside out.Our most sacred and intelligent body is always giving us clues (at first subtle and if unheeded quite loud) regarding what needs to be looked at–in both our interior and exterior world–more closely. It deserves our utmost appreciation and acknowledgment, ALWAYS!! So next time you get laryngitis, caress your throat, thank your throat, and acknowledge gratefully a throat that allows you to speak. Seek to understand what your throat is trying to tell you with this ailment. There is a clear message meant just for you if you will but only listen and appreciate your purposeful throat–a very much alive and vital aspect of who you are rather than simply a separate, disconnected body part.In other words, if your throat is illin’, look to see what it is YOU are unwilling or afraid to communicate. If your knee blows, look to see what you are no longer willing to hold up or hold onto, and if your eye begins to twitch, look to see how you may perceive things differently. Through supreme wisdom, our beloved body is willing to show us the way. You may be surprised at the two-way communication system and outright LOVE FEST with your body that can become the norm. So come on, talk to your sprained wrist, caress your battered lower back and acknowledge the daily gifts offered up from your twisted ankle. It’s time to make the body/mind/spirit connection part of daily reality as self-love and self-healing go hand in hand. Imagine a world–politically, economically, medically–where our young were taught to do just that.

Know About Functions of Insurance and Legal Billing Software

Insurance and legal departments have many specific automated needs, such as data management programs and automatic electronic billing solutions to ensure efficient and cost-effective work process. Billing software for law firms, insurance company claims departments, third party claims administrators and risk managers is a vital value addition because it helps save time and offers accurate invoicing service. It also provides security and accurate auditing which are very beneficial for them.Traditional paper based files can be a huge headache for insurance or legal offices in many ways. They consume a lot of floor space and time while retrieving and filing documents. Billing software can go a long way to ease these headaches, particularly for insurance and legal professionals. Insurance and legal billing software manages your documents electronically. It is a paperless system for intelligently creating, managing, processing, archiving, and retrieving all business data.For insurance companies, insurance billing software analyzes all the information related to property, casualty, commercial, auto, construction defects and other general liability policies. This software for lawyers can be used for almost every area of practice such as family law, personal injury law, criminal law etc. Whether you’re a vendor, lawyer, insurance claims handler or an adjuster, you will need automated billing software to succeed in today’s competitive world.Functions of the insurance and legal billing software:Billing software is used by hundreds of lawyers, insurance agents, real estate agents and other accounting professionals to better manage their data and billing. Though the main function of the billing software is to produce invoices. It has many other functions to do. Some of the main functions of an automated software include:Allows storing of various insurance claims and legal documentsBilling software is used to track and store various insurance claims and legal documents. It stores and maintains transaction records for multiple claims and clients. It allows you to store as well as manage important data such as several bank accounts as well as numerous client accounts for every bank. Regardless of origin or file type, it helps you store data together in the electronic filing cabinets, according to your needs.Organize and document all daily activitiesBilling software helps in documenting all daily activities. The main advantage of this software is its easy user interface. It tracks all your daily activities such as deposits, expenses and other transactions. As matter management is particularly important for all legal and insurance departments, right software program is crucial for tracking and organizing all daily business activities efficiently to meet their performance objectives.Automatic bill generatorAutomatic electronic billing solutions are vital for legal and insurance environments where many people are involved in the daily processes, particularly in outsourced firms. A good software program can help legal and insurance departments submit invoices in the most efficient and accountable manner. If the billing is integrated with insurance or legal matter management, it can benefit everyone involved in the process.Allows quick retrieval of records by keywordsOne of the problems with regular paper documents is that they often get lost or misfiled. Unknowingly, we spend significant amount of time searching for documents. It is very unproductive work for any professional organization, particularly, insurance and legal firms because every minute is important for them. Billing software organizes all notes or documents for instantaneous retrieval. Sophisticated search capabilities of billing software can provide you the file or document you are looking for, in nanoseconds.Links expense receipts to billing slipsBilling software instantly provides all your project or job related expenses for your customer’s review. Billing software allows you to track funds that get debited or credited to or out of the client accounts quickly and efficiently. It combines various billing slips for the same payee in the ledger for that client. It links all types of deposits as well as expenses for all your clients, individuals or companies to provide clear picture of the transactions.Provides breakdown of billable hours by employee rateBilling software produces hourly billing invoices according to employee rate. It records your time on those precious and all-important billable hours. It thoroughly audits all the billable hours of an employee. Better managing all your projects, clients and working hours using billing software will help you increase your billable hours.Provides breakdown of billable hours by taskHighly spontaneous user-interface makes it very easy for insurance and legal firms to create ledger per client and tracks every transaction with ease. You can easily determine the average time that it takes to complete each task and the amount to be billed for a person in that role. Billing software automatically associates all documents between bills and projects.Apart from the above mentioned functions, billing software has many more advantages such as saves storage space on filing cabinets, protects business in case of disasters, controls sensitive information from getting in to wrong hands and of course saves real money on stationery, photocopying etc. But remember, there are many software programs out there for legal and insurance billing. You need to take the time to figure out which one is really right for your business. The key to effective data management and billing software is finding a program that is easy to use, efficient and accurate.